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This page was last updated on: August 5, 2007
Previous years

Summary of season
2001 NECBL finals
2001 playoffs
Twisters game 1-30
Twisters game 31-43
Connecticut teams

Current 2005 NECBL standings

Twister pennants
2003: Southern Division champions
2001: National Division champions
1997: Regular season champions
1998: Regular season champions
Twisters 2005
Final record:  19-23

July 31: Twisters 4, Sanford 3 (11)
July 30: Twisters 7, Lowell 1
July 29: Newport 10, Twisters 7
July 28: Manchester 2, Twisters 1
July 26: Twisters 7-3, N. Adams 3-7
July 25: Vermont 8, Twisters 5
July 23: Sanford 7, Twisters 0
July 22: Danbury 3, Twisters 2
July 21: Twisters 4, Pittsfield 3 (10)
July 19: Twisters 15, Manchester 4
July 18: Holyoke 5, Twisters 2
July 17: Concord 5-8, Twisters 3-3
July 16: Twisters 2, Pittsfield 1 (11)
July 16: Twisters 6, Pittsfield 0
July 15: Manchester 5, Twisters 4
July 14: @North Adams, rain
July 13: Twisters 11, Keene 9
July 12: Keene 6, Twisters 2
July 11: Vermont 3, Twisters 1
July 10: Twisters 6, Pittsfield 1
July 9: @North Adams, rain
July 8: @North Adams, rain
July 7: Twisters 4, Danbury 1
July 6: Twisters 5, Pittsfield 1
July 3: North Adams 5, Twisters 1
July 2: Team USA 3, Twisters 1 (ex)
July 1: vs. Concord, rain
June 30: Twisters 5, Newport 4
June 29: Newport 9, Twisters 6
June 26: Newport 4, Twisters 1
June 25: Twisters 8, North Adams 7
June 24: Twisters 6, Holyoke 3
June 23: Danbury 4, Twisters 3
June 22: Twisters 1, Newport 0 (10)
June 21: Newport 3, Twisters 2
June 20: Twisters 7, North Adams 5
June 19: Twisters 10, Manchester 3
June 18: Danbury 10, Twisters 4
June 17: Twisters 8, Manchester 4
June 16: vs. Pittsfield, rain
June 15: Lowell 6, Twisters 2
June 14: @Concord, rain
June 13: North Adams 4, Twisters 3
June 12: Twisters 8, Danbury 2
June 11: Manchester 5, Twisters 2
June 10: Danbury 6, Twisters 4
June 8: Pittsfield 11, Twisters 9

2005 standings
Final regular season
Northern Division
Team            W-L    Pct.    GB
Keene           30-12   .714    ---
Holyoke         23-18   .561   6.5
Vermont        23-19   .548   7
Sanford         23-19   .548   7
Concord        15-19   .441   11.5
Lowell           14-24   .368   14.5
  Southern Division
Team             W-L    Pct.    GB
Newport         25-16    .610   ---Manchester    22-20   .524   3.5
North Adams  20-22   .476   5.5
Danbury         20-22   .476   5.5
Torrington     19-23    .452   6.5
Pittsfield        11-31    .262  14.5
x-clinched division title
y-clinched playoff berth
Top 4 teams in each division qualify for the playoffs
Divisional semifinals
Thursday, Aug. 4
North Adams at Manchester
Wednesday, Aug. 3
Vermont 8, Holyoke 2 - Vermont wins series, 2-0
Newport 8, Danbury 0 - Newport wins series, 2-0
Keene 6, Sanford 3, Keene wins series, 2-0
Manchester 5, North Adams 4, series tied 1-1
Tuesday, Aug. 2
Newport 3, Danbury 2
Vermont 9, Holyoke 0
Keene 2, Sanford 1
North Adams 5, Manchester 3

Monday, Aug. 1
North Adams 9, Danbury 1
N. Adams clinches playoff spot
End regular season
Sunday, July 31
Torrington 4, Sanford 3 (11)
Loss clinches 3rd for Vt. in North
Newport 9, Keene 6
Concord 4, Manchester 1
Danbury @ North Adams - RAIN
Saturday, July 30
Vermont 8, Concord 0
Newport 6, North Adams 3
Sanford 4, Holyoke 3
Keene 4, Danbury 3
Torrington 7, Mill City 1
Friday, July 29
Keene 7, Concord 3
Concord 1, Keene 0
Lowell 4, Manchester 3
Vermont 9, Sanford 1
Newport 10, Torrington 7
Twister loss clinches playoff berth for Danbury
Pittsfield 4, Danbury 3
N Adams 4, Holyoke 3
Thursday, July 28
Concord 6, Danbury 0
Danbury 5, Concord 0
Vermont 3, Lowell 2
Manchester 2, Torrington 1
Manchester clinches playoff spot
Holyoke 4, Sanford 3
N. Adams 6, Pittsfield 4
Pittsfield 5, N. Adams 4
Wednesday, July 27
Newport 8, Pittsfield 1
Danbury 4, Vermont 1
Holyoke 6, North Adams 1
Manchester @ Lowell - RAIN
Concord @ Keene - RAIN
Tuesday, July 26
Concord 4, Holyoke 3
Concord 3, Holyoke 2
Manchester 3, Newport 1
Vermont 2, Keene 1
Sanford 5, Lowell 1
Torrington 7, North Adams 3
North Adams 7, Torrington 3
Monday, July 25
Sanford 9, Keene 3
Danbury 4, North Adams 3
Concord 7, Lowell 4
Manchester 10, Pittsfield 1
Vermont 8, Torrington 5
Holyoke 3, Newport 2
Sunday, July 24
All-Star Game at Newport
Saturday, July 23
Newport 5, Concord 2
Holyoke3, Vermont 1
Keene 8, Mill City 3
Keene 3, Mill City 1
Sanford 7, Torrington 0
North Adams 9, Danbury 1
Pittsfield 6, Manchester 5
Manchester 4, Pittsfield 1
Friday, July 22
Newport 14, North Adams 4
Newport 17, North Adams 6
Keene 5, Manchester 0
Danbury 3, Torrington 2
Mill City 4, Holyoke 3
Sanford 10, Pittsfield 9
Pittsfield 2, Vermont 1
Thursday, July 21
Keene 2, Sanford 1
Newport 5, Danbury 0
Holyoke 8, Manchester 2
Torrington 4, Pittsfield 3
Wednesday, July 20
Keene 7, Vermont 2
Keene 6, Vermont 3
N. Adams 2, Manchester 1
Holyoke 3, Sanford 1
Danbury 4, Pittsfield 3
Tuesday, July 19
Vermont 11, Lowell 5
N Adams 3, Sanford 2
Torrington 15, Manchester 4
Keene 10, Concord 8
Holyoke @ Newport - CANCELLED
Monday, July 18
Holyoke 5, Torrington 2
Sunday, July 17
Vermont 4, North Adams 2
Concord 5,  Torrington 3
Concord 8, Torrington 3
Lowell 7, Holyoke 6
Sanford/Pittsfield - RAIN
Saturday, July 16
Newport 1, Manchester 0
Manchester 2, Newport 1
Danbury 3, Lowell 2
Keene 2, North Adams 0
Concord 8, Vermont 6
Holyoke 6, Sanford 5
Torrington 6, Pittsfield 0
Torrington 2, Pittsfield 1
Friday, July 15
Lowell 9, Vermont 5
Vermont 7, Lowell 3
Danbury 4, North Adams 0
Sanford 4, Holyoke 1
Keene 11, Concord 3
Manchester 5, Torrington 4
Thursday, July 14
Lowell 3, Keene 2
Keene 14, Lowell 4
Holyoke 10, Concord 0
Concord 7, Holyoke 1
Vermont 13, Danbury 5
Torrington @ North Adams - RAIN
Manchester @ Pittsfield - RAIN
Wednesday, July 13
Newport 3, Danbury 0
Vermont 3, Holyoke 2
Sanford 6, Lowell 4
North Adams 5, Pittsfield 3
Manchester 15, Concord 9
Torrington 11, Keene 9
Tuesday, July 12
Concord 1, North Adams 0
Newport 2, Danbury 1
Holyoke 5, Lowell 4
Manchester 5, Pittsfield 2
Vermont 8, Sanford 4
Keene d. Twisters
Monday, July 11
Vermont 3, Torrington 1
Concord 4, Pittsfield 3
Lowell 6, Danbury 0
North Adams 2, Newport 1
Manchester 3, Holyoke 1
Holyoke 2, Keene 1
Sunday, July 10
Torrington 6, Pittsfield 1
Concord 4, Sanford 1
Vermont 8, Newport 0
Keene 4, Holyoke 2
Danbury 4, Manchester 3
Saturday, July 9
Danbury 5, Manchester 4
Manchester 1, Danbury 0
Keene 6, Pittsfield 3
Sanford 5, Newport 2
Lowell @ Vermont - RAIN
Concord @ Holyoke - RAIN
Torrington @ North Adams - RAIN
Friday, July 8
Lowell @ Vermont, rain
Pittsfield @ Keene, rain
Concord @ Holyoke, rain
Torrington @ North Adams , rain
Danbury @ Manchester, rain
Newport @ Sanford, rain
Thursday, July 7
Lowell 3, Concord 0
Lowell 4, Concord 1
North Adams 8, Manchester 2
Torrington 4, Danbury 1
Newport 12, Pittsfield 6
Keene 6, Sanford 5
Wednesday, July 6
Vermont 5, Keene 1
Torrington 5, Pittsfield 1
Sanford @ Lowell - RAIN
Newport @ Concord - RAIN
Manchester @ Danbury - RAIN
North Adams @ Holyoke - RAIN
Monday, July 4
Concord 5, Pittsfield 1
Lowell 3, Holyoke 2
Sanford 6, North Adams 5
Sunday, July 3
Vermont 5, Manchester 3
Lowell 5, Concord 4
Danbury 3, Pittsfield 1
North Adams 5, Torrington 1
Sanford 5, Newport 3
Saturday, July 2
Newport 6, Vermont 1
Sanford 2, Concord 1
Pittsfield 2, Danbury 1
Holyoke 3, Lowell 2
North Adams 5, Keene 2
Team USA 3, Torrington 1 (Exhibition Game)
Friday, July 1
Sanford 8, Lowell 0
Lowell 9, Sanford 3
Keene 2, Vermont 0
Pittsfield 4, North Adams 3
Keene @ Vermont Game 2 - Rain
Concord @ Torrington - Rain
Newport @ Danbury - Rain
Manchester @ Holyoke - Rain
Thursday, June 30
North Adams 1, Danbury 0
Holyoke 3, Keene 0
Vermont 1, Concord 0
Manchester 5, Sanford 2
Torrington 5, Newport 4
Wednesday, June 29
Newport 9, Torrington 6
Sanford 5, Vermont 1
Keene @ Lowell - Rain
Holyoke @ Danbury - Rain
Manchester @ Pittsfield - Rain
Tuesday, June 28
Sanford 8, Danbury 5
Manchester 5, North Adams 0
Newport @ Holyoke - Rained out
Vermont @ Keene - Rained out
Lowell @ Concord - Rained out
Monday, June 27
Sanford 2, Vermont 1
Manchester 13, Danbury 2
Newport 8, Mill City 2
Sunday, June 26
Vermont 7, Concord 3
Lowell 3, North Adams 2
North Adams 2, Lowell 1
Danbury 9, Pittsfield 2
Newport 4, Torrington 1
Manchester 4, Sanford 0
Saturday, June 25
Concord 7, Lowell 4
Danbury 6, Manchester 1
Keene 4, Pittsfield 1
Torrington 8, North Adams 7
Vermont 9, Sanford 2
Friday June 24
Manchester 4, Newport 3
Vermont 6, Lowell 2
North Adams 8, Pittsfield 2
Torrington 6, Holyoke 3
Sanford 6, Concord 5
Thursday, June 23
North Adams 2, Vermont 1
Manchester 2, Lowell 1
Keene 4, Newport 1
Danbury 4, Torrington 3
Holyoke 11, Pittsfield 1
Wednesday, June 22
Torrington 1, Newport 0
Danbury 10, Manchester 4
Concord 7, Keene 3
Holyoke 8, Pittsfield 3
Tuesday, June 21
Danbury 2, Holyoke 3
Newport 3, Torrington 2
Pittsfield 6, Vermont 4
Keene 3, Lowell 1
Sanford 3, Concord 1 (Continuation of a suspended game)
Sanford 7, Concord 4
Monday, June 20
Newport 4, Pittsfield 0
Holyoke 7, Vermont 1
Sanford 3, Danbury 1
Torrington 7, North Adams 5
Sunday, June 19
Vermont 5, Holyoke 1
Holyoke 2, Vermont 0
North Adams 3, Newport 2
Torrington 10, Manchester 3
Sanford 6, Pittsfield 2
Keene 8, Concord 2
Saturday, June 18
Concord 3, Mill City 2
Manchester 4, North Adams 2
Keene 5, Holyoke 1
Danbury 10, Torrington 4
Pittsfield 5, Newport 3
Friday, June 17
Newport 3, Danbury 2
Torrington 8, Manchester 4
Keene 3, Mill City 1
Vermont 5, Holyoke 4
Concord @ Sanford - RAIN
Pittsfield @ North Adams - RAIN
Thursday, June 16
Keene 2, Sanford 1
Vermont 2, Mill City 1
Holyoke 4, Concord 1
Danbury @ Manchester - Game called in the 2nd inning due to rain.
Pittsfield @ Torrington - Rained out
Wednesday, June 15
Sanford 5, Concord 1
North Adams 3, Newport 2
Danbury 2, Pittsfield 1
Lowell 6, Torrington 2
Keene 10, Holyoke 9
US Military All Stars @ Vermont 6:30pm - RAIN
Tuesday, June 14
Danbury 4, Newport 3
Danbury 7, Newport 5
Manchester 6, Berkshire 2
Holyoke 11, Mill City 2
Torrington @ Concord - RAIN
US Military All Stars @ Vermont - RAIN
Monday, June 13
Newport 4, Lowell 2
North Adams 4, Torrington 3
Keene 4, Manchester 3
Sunday, June 12
Keene 5, Vermont 2
Newport 6, Pittsfield 4
North Adams 14, Manchester 1
Torrington 8, Danbury 2
Holyoke 7, Sanford 0
Saturday, June 11
Manchester 5, Torrington 2
Concord 3, North Adams 0
Keene 4, Sanford 0
Mill City 5, Pittsfield 2
Vermont @ Holyoke – RAIN
Newport @ Danbury – Tied @ 2 after 10 innings, game will resume at a later date.
Friday, June 10
Thursday, June 9
Newport 8, Pittsfield 7
Danbury 6, North Adams 4
Manchester 10, Vermont 2
Wednesday, June 8
Pittsfield 11, Torrington 9
Keene 9,  Danbury 1
Concord 10, Holyoke 5
Sanford 5, Vermont 0
Newport 8, Manchester 6
Tuesday, June 7
Newport 12, Concord 10

Twisters win right to run concession at Fuessenich
TORRINGTON, Feb. 7, 2006 -- The Twisters won the right to run the concessions at Fuessenich Park for the next two years. The City Council voted, 4-2, to award a two-year contract to Twister GM Kirk Fredericksson, who bid $3,500 a year for the right to run the concession business. Alfredo’s, who had run the business for the last two years, bid $3,001 a year. Members of the Park and Recreation Commission recommended Alfredo’s bid while city Purchasing Agent Charlene Antonelli recommended Fredericksson, who estimated the business clears $20,000 a year. He wants to use some of that money to supplement the $80,000 a year it costs to field the team.

Six inducted into
Twister Hall of Fame
TORRINGTON, Nov. 6, 2005 -- Former Twisters Ronnie Merrill Jr., David Benham, Jim Deschaine, Brian Houdek and former Torrington Mayor Mary Jane Gryniuk were on hand while a fifth player, Justin Sherrod, could not attend because he was on his way to play winter ball in Venezuela. All played in either on the initial Twister squad in 1997 or in 1998.
The Register Citizen, Nov. 7: Twisters induct six into Hall of Fame
Having a host ballplayer can change your life and the life of the ballplayer you're hosting.
The Register Citizen, Nov. 9: Host players change lives

Wilson named to All-Star team
TORRINGTON -- Outfielder Steffan Wilson was the only Twister named to the All-NECBL team. DH Justin Lepore and outfielder Andres Perez were named to the All-NECBL second team.

Twisters miss playoffs
for first time since 2000
TORRINGTON, Aug. 1 – There was no game for the Twisters today after North Adams earned the fourth and final playoff spot in the Southern Division with a decisive 9-1 win over Danbury today. If the Westerners had won, the Twisters would have had to face the Steeple Cats in a 1-game playoff. But for the first time since 2000, the Twisters (19-23) will miss out on the playoffs.

It wasn’t the fact that Torrington couldn’t hit. The Twisters led the league in hitting (.269) and were just two points shy of the team record set in 1999. Their 30 homers was two shy of the team record set in 1999. But they were let down by their pitching with a 3.92 ERA, the second worst in team history. Torrington gave up 193 walks. "Almost two-thirds of the runs we allowed came from runners who were either walked or hit," Twister coach Gregg Hunt told the Register Citizen. "That was the root of our problem right there." Over the course of the season, five pitchers were either injured or were drafted and signed.

Torrington had its opportunities but they lost six of their last nine games, including a 2-1 decision to Manchester on July 28 and splitting a key doubleheader with North Adams on July 26. "We didn’t have the table setters this year and we didn’t walk a lot. We had to slug out a lot of games and when everyone was hitting, this team was fun to watch, that’s for sure," Hunt told The Register Citizen.

n LF Andres Perez, 3rd in league in batting (.380), 2nd triples (3), 3rd in hits (52), 3rd in runs (52)
n RF Steffan Wilson, 1st in league RBI (39), 2nd in hits (55), 3rd doubles (12), 3rd HR (7)
n 2B Michael Just, hit .300, 2nd in runs (29) and just 1 error in 42 games
n DH Justin Lepore, hit. 315 with 3 HRs
n 1B Gordie Gronkowski, hit .302 with 3 HRs
n C Gerard Haran, 4 HRs
n 3B Bobby Carlson, 4 HRs

Game 42: Twisters 4, Sanford 3 (11)
TORRINGTON, July 31 – The Twisters are still alive in their hunt for the NECBL playoffs, barely. Bobby Carlson’s home run in the bottom of the 11th inning gave Torrington (19-23) a thrilling 4-3 win over Sanford. North Adams (19-22) had its game with Danbury rained out so the Steeple Cats will face Danbury (20-21) Monday at 1 p.m. If Danbury prevails, the Twisters and North Adams will square off in a 1-game playoff in North Adams. "I was looking for something to drive,” said Carlson, struggling at .206 but third on the team with 20 RBI. “The first time I faced him (losing pitcher John Schoenholtz) tonight I had a rough at-bat."

The bullpen carried the Twisters in this game. Closer Patrick McGuigan pitched three innings before Adam Piechowski went 4 2/3rd innings, allowing just one unearned run. Sanford took leads of 2-0 and 3-2. In the eighth, Torrington found a way to remain alive. Andres Perez singled with one out and stole second. He scored on a double by Steffan Wilson.

Game 41: Twisters 7, Lowell 1
TORRINGTON, July 30 – Don’t pack those bags just yet. The Twisters remained alive in the hunt for an NECBL playoff berth as Joe Kantakevich and Craig Trent combined to strike out eight and scatter six hits. Torrington improves to 18-23 while North Adams (19-22) missed out on a chance to clinch the final playoff spot in the Southern Division after losing to Newport, 7-3. If Torrington wins its finale against Sanford and Danbury beats North Adams, there will be a one-game playoff for the final playoff spot.

"We had a sense of urgency today, but we were still pretty relaxed and that helped us play well," Kantakevich told The Register Citizen. "Everything turned out well for me tonight, even though I didn’t feel my best. I was able to change speeds enough to keep the hitters off balance." Kantakevich went 5 innings while Trent threw for four. Andres Perez and Steffan Wilson each had RBI singles while Bobby Carlson had an RBI walk. Michael Just hit a high two-run home run to extend the lead to 7-1.

Game 39: Manchester 2, Twisters 1
MANCHESTER, July 28 – For once, the hard-hitting Twisters got the pitching, allowing just four hits. But three Manchester pitchers combined to strike out 10 Torrington batters and allow just one run for the fourth time this year as the Silkworms (22-18) clinched a playoff spot with the victory before a franchise-record crowd of 1,357 at Northwest Park. Former Twister Jesse Darcy led the way for the Silkworms. "I was pumped up more than I've been this whole season," Darcy told Darcy went 6 1/3 innings, fanning seven.

Trailing 2-0, the Twisters cut the lead to one in the sixth. Andres Perez had a two-out triple to right field and scored on Steffan Wilson’s ground ball into left field. Manchester extended its lead to 2-0 in the fifth when Manchester’s Ryan Davis singled, moved to third on another single and scored on an error. In the seventh, reliever Manchester Bobby Blevins fanned Nick DeVito and coaxed a fly ball out to escape. In the eighth, SS Jordy Snyder led off with a walk and moved to second on a sacrifice bunt. But Perez grounded out to third and Wilson ripped a hard ground ball to third to end the threat. In the ninth, Worms closer Matt Reilly put down the side in order.

Games 37-38: Twisters 7-3, North Adams 3-7
NORTH ADAMS, July 26 – They got one but couldn’t connect in game two. In a crucial doubleheader, North Adams salvaged a split with a 7-3 victory in game two at Joe Wolfe Field. The Twisters (17-21) remain in fifth place, a full game behind the Steeple Cats (17-19) with four games left. Pat Bordieri’s 3-run homer in the second put the Twisters ahead for good in game 1. Back-to-back RBI singles from Andres Perez and Mike Just in the fourth inning extended the Twister lead to 7-2. Scott Shaw was the improbable winner, as the struggling right-hander held North Adams to three runs in five innings while giving up five hits and walking four.

In game two, the Twisters took the early lead on Steffan Wilson’s RBI double. Only a tremendous throw from LF Scott Suttmeier on a Gordie Gronkowski single stopped Torrington, throwing out Wilson at home after he tried to score from second base. North Adams responded with RBI doubles from Suttmeier and Adam Piechowski in a 7-3 victory. "It would have been easy for them to shut it down," North Adams head coach Scott Virgulak told "We lost the first game pretty big, and they come back and score a run right away. But these guys, they want to win, and they battled and scored two runs in the first inning and exploded. It was just what we needed." Wilson was 2-for-3 with a pair of RBI for the Twisters. He now leads the NECBL with 36 RBI.

Game 36: Vermont 8, Twisters 5
TORRINGTON, July 25 -- The Twisters gave up five runs in the first three innings and lost for the third straight game and for the sixth time in the last eight games. Torrington (16-20) remains one game behind North Adams for the final playoff spot in the Southern Division and face North Adams on the road in a crucial doubleheader on Tuesday, July 26.

Seven Twisters named All-Stars
NEWPORT, July 23 – Seven Twisters were named to the Southern Division All-Star team including Gordie Gronkowski (1B) and Andres Perez (OF) as starters. Adam Trent (p), Michael Just (2b), Bobby Carlson (3b), Steffan Wilson (of) and Justin Lepore (DH) were named as reserves. Wilson was selected to participate in the home run derby.

Game 35: Sanford 7, Torrington 0
SANFORD, Me., July 23 – Bret Ubran (5-1) threw 5 1/3rd innings of shutout baseball to lead the Mainers (20-16) to a shutout victory over the Twisters. He is now 2-0 with a 0.79 ERA in two starts this season. The Mainers scored three runs on seven hits in the first two innings off of Twisters starter Joe Kantakevich. Kantakevich (4-2) allowed just two hits in the next four innings but fell victim to a lack of run support as Urban and two relievers cruised through the Twisters’ batting order. The Mainers pounded out 14 hits for the second night in a row. Joel Barrett went 3-for-5 with two RBIs and Travis Musolf went 2-for-4 to extend his hitting streak to 11 games. For Torrington, Gerard Haran had a double while Jordy Snyer, Gordie Gronkowski and Andres Perez each had two hits. The Twisters (16-19) finished with nine hits. After finally reaching .500 at 14-14, the Twisters have lost five of its last seven games.

Game 34: Danbury 3, Torrington 2
DANBURY, July 22 – The Westerners (17-17) scored twice in the final three innings to inch past the Twisters at Rogers Park. Yuchon Yi (3-0) earned the victory, allowing only two runs over seven innings for Danbury. Torrington hurler Sean Spicer (0-2) went the distance, striking out eight and scattered six hits but still picking up the loss. John Mollicone doubled and scored the game-winning run in the seventh on a double-play ball. Danbury tied the game in sixth on an unearned run. Justin Lepore and Steffan Wilson each had solo home runs for the Twisters.

Game 33: Twisters 4, Pittsfield 3 (10)
TORRINGTON, July 21 – Jordy Snyder’s bases-loaded single in the bottom of the 10th lifted the Twisters past Pittsfield. Justin Lepore led off the 10th with a double but was erased on a fielder’s choice by Bobby Carlson. Gerard Haran singled and Seth Iorg walked to load the bases. Pittsfield tied the game in the eighth inning on a RBI single by Dave Levinson. Wilson Matos also hit a home run in the fifth for the Dukes. Andres Perez was 2-for-4 with 3 RBI for the Twisters (16-17), including his second home run of the year.

Game 32: Twisters 15, Manchester 4
MANCHESTER, July 19 – The Twisters snapped a three-game losing steak by whipping first place Manchester, 15-4. The Twisters had a season-high 19 hits, scoring five runs in the top of the first inning off Silkworm ace Mitch Heckert (5-1). Jordy Snyder smacked the fourth pitch of game off the left field fence for a double, missing a home run by four feet. Steffan Wilson (2-4, 4 RBI) also doubled. Manchester made three errors in the third inning leading to a pair of unearned runs. Wilson extended the lead with his sixth home run of the year in the third inning. Torrington improved to 15-17.

"We've got guys on this team that don't respect the game," an agitated Anthony DeCicco told the Silkworms Web site said. "And when you don't respect the game, this is what will happen to you. Luckily, we're talented enough to get by and win." The lack of effort when trailing also grated on DeCiccio. “When you're beaten like a dog and they keep beating you like a dog and you respond the way we responded -- by not running balls out, by screwing around with runners on base, not knowing some of the rules -- and guys in the dugout accepting it."

Game 31: Holyoke 5, Twisters 2
HOLYOKE, Mass., July 18 – The Giants scored three times in the fifth inning on a RBI single from D.J. Burns and a two-RBI triple from Wilberto Ortiz to hand the Twisters their third straight loss. Starter Adam Trent took the defeat, allowing five runs on four hits. He did walk five in five innings of work. The Twister bullpen shut down the Giants in the final four innings but couldn’t muster up any offense.

Games 29-30: Concord 5-8, Twisters 3-3
CONCORD, N.H., July 17 – One step forward, two steps back. After a thrilling doubleheader sweep of Pittsfield on Saturday to finally regain the .500 mark, the Twisters were swept by Concord. Torrington scored three runs in the seventh but fell short in game one, 5-3. In the nightcap, the Twisters (14-16) had just four hits and three errors in an 8-3 loss.

Late homer in 11th lifts Twisters to sweep
TORRINGTON, July 16 – The long road back to .500 is now complete for the Twisters. Gerard Haran’s home run in the bottom of the 11th inning lifted Torrington to a 2-1 win over Pittsfield and a sweep of its doubleheader with the Dukes. The Twisters are now 14-14. In game one, the Twisters rolled behind starter Joe Kantakevich (4-1) and a 15-hit attack for a 6-0 victory. The doubleheader began a run of 10 games in eight days.

Just is a sparkplug for Twisters
TORRINGTON, July 14 – Michael Just has been a sparkplug for the Twisters all season. He is hittingjust .270 but does whatever needs to be done to win. He leads the team with three sacrifice bunts, has 27hits, seven RBI and seven walks. "When we saw Michael hit in our first couple of practices, we knew he hadto be in the lineup," Twisters manager Gregg Hunt told The Register Citizen. "We played him at DH and leftfield in the first two games and when Corey (Wimberly) left, Michael took control of the second base position.”

In 25 games, Just has yet to make an error at second base. "Basically, (the key to my success) is just getting the proper angle on balls and not giving up on anything," Just told The Register Citizen. "I work al ot on my footwork and look for ways to avoid thein-between hop. If you put yourself in the right position, good things will happen. Fielding is an art. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks." Added Hunt, "Michael gets to balls that other guys won’t get to.He is very good at turning the double play and he has a legit shot at playing on the next level."

Game 25: Twisters 11, Keene 9
KEENE, N.H., July 13 – The Twisters scored twice in the top of the ninth and held their breath in the bottom of the ninth before escaping with an 11-9 victory in front of 1,789 at Alumni Field. Gordon Gronkowski hit a two-run home run in the seventh inning as the Twisters added two more in the ninth for an 11-6 lead. But Keene scored three runs with two outs in the ninth and had the tying run at second base. But Bill Kleinschrodt was struck out looking by Torrington’s Nick Abel (2nd save) with the bases loaded to end it.

Torrington’s Steffan Wilson paced the Torrington offense as he hit 3-for-5 with a double, home run, two RBI and three runs scored. Jordy Snyder was also 3-5 with a pair of doubles and a homer, two runs scored and an RBI. Gerard Haran was 2-4 with a double and three RBI, while Gordie Gronkowski finished 2-4 with a triple, homer, three RBI and two runs scored. His deep 2-run homer in the seventh made it 9-6 and his RBI triple in the ninth made it 10-6.

“After yesterday, when (Keene pitchers) were owning me all game, it was good to come back and contribute tonight,” said Torrington first baseman Gordie Gronkowski to the Keene Sentinel. “We finally put it all together tonight. It’s a big win for us on the road to get us back into this (Southern Division) race.” The Twisters (12-13) moved into fourth place in the South, only two games behind first place Manchester.

Keene 6, Twisters 2
TORRINGTON, July 12 – Keene scored three runs in the eighth inning to outlast the Twisters in a contest that started two hours late due to rain at Fuessenich Park. The Twisters held a 2-1 lead into the eighthbefore Keene got to starter Adam Trent, who had allowed just two hits and struck out six through seven innings. After a walk and sacrifice, Mike Fisher tied the score on a RBI single. After another walk, Bryan Duplisse’s RBI single but Keene in front, 3-2. Andres Perez had a towering two-run home run to left-centerfield in the first inning to put Torrington ahead, 2-0. The Twisters loaded the bases in the third with no outs but wasted the opportunity when Gordie Gronkowski struck out and Bobby Carlson hit into an inning-ending double play.

Game 21: Twisters 4, Danbury 1
TORRINGTON, July 7 – Steffan Wilson had a home run and three RBI to lead the Twisters to a 4-1 win over Danbury before 997 at Fuessenich Park. Joe Kantakevich scattered six hits in seven innings to lead Torrington (10-11). "Our pitching was great today," Twister coach Gregg Hunt told The Register Citizen. "That was Joe’s best outing yet and our bullpen came through. If our pitching continues to make the progress it has been making, we will head in the right direction." Wilson’s homer was a line-drive two-run shot over the left-center field wall. It was his third homer of the year, tying him for the team lead with Gerard Haran and Bobby Carlson. Torrington won its second straight and moved within 2.5 games of first place Newport.

Game 16: Newport 4, Twisters 1
TORRINGTON, June 26 – Newport’s Paul Nardozzi struck out 13, allowed just three hits and walked just two in eight innings of stellar work as the Gulls (11-8) remained a half-game behind Danbury with a 4-1 victory at Fuessenich Park. "We hit balls to the wrong part of the ballpark, and we have no left-handed hitters to take the slider away from him," Twisters coach Gregg Hunt told The Register Citizen. The Twisters slip to 7-9.

Game 15: Twisters 8, North Adams 7
TORRINGTON, June 26 – It wasn’t a pretty homecoming for former Shepaug Valley and Torrington American Legion star Evan Scribner. The Twisters pounded the former Post 38 hurler by scoring six runs in the first inning, including a grand slam from catcher Gerard Haran. But Torrington had to survive a furious North Adams comeback to earn the victory. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Torrington’s Justin Lepore’s double to left-center field scored Steffan Wilson from first place. Twister hurler Nick Abel earned his first save by retiring the side in the ninth. “We make nothing easy – ever,” lamented Twister skipper Gregg Hunt to the Register Citizen.

It was the ninth game in nine days for Torrington, who has gone 6-3 during this stretch. North Adams erased a six-run lead with timely hit and four stolen bases in the sixth inning. Wilson finished the game with three hits and two RBI, while Andres Perez added a deep RBI triple. Scribner pitched well in a Cape Cod League tryout but found no takers. So he signed with North Adams, the only NECBL team to show some interest in the Central Connecticut State sophomore. In his first two starts, Scribner was 1-0 with a 1.38 ERA and 11 strikeouts in 13 innings.

Game 14: Twisters 6, Holyoke 3
TORRINGTON, June 24 –  Scott Shaw pitched six strong innings allowing just two runs on two hits while and Pat Feehan picked up the pace in relief by fanning three and allowing just one in three innings to pick up the save in a 6-3 win over Holyoke (9-6) before a season-high crowd of 2,317 at Fuessenich Park. "Our pitching is getting better every night," Twisters manager Gregg Hunt told the Register Citizen. "We have allowed fewer free baserunners and that was a big problem for us in the first couple of weeks. We walked and hit too many hitters." Shaw fanned five.

Torrington’s Michael Just belted a leadoff home run in the third inning to snap a 1-1 tie. The Twisters (6-8) extended the lead on Justin Lepore’s two-run home run over the left-center field wall. "I was just trying to stay soft with my swing because there were two strikes on the count," Lepore told the Register Citizen "He threw me a curve and I was able to make solid contact. “

Game 13: Danbury 4, Twisters 3
TORRINGTON, June 23 – The margin of error is slight
with the Twisters and it cost them in a 4-3 loss that
was tough to swallow. Brandon Cohen ripped a 3-RBI
triple down the left field line with one out in the
top of the ninth inning off Twister closer Patrick
McGuigan to propel Danbury to the victory. Leading
3-0, McGuigan, who hadn’t allowed a run in his
previous seven appearances, gave up 0-2 singles to
three straight batters to set the table for Cohen. A
strong effort from lefthander Dan Pfau was wasted.
Pfau fanned 14 and allowed just two hits in seven
innings. A Paul Solmi single with one out in the sixth
spoiled a no-hit bid. Bobby Carlson had a two-RBI
double for the Twisters (5-8).

Game 12: Twisters 1, Newport 0 (10)
NEWPORT, June 22 – Andres Perez’ RBI single past the shortstop lifted the Twisters out of last place for the first time this year with a tough 1-0 win in 10 innings over Newport. Torrington’s Michael Just led off the 10th with a double. After a strikeout and a walk to Bobby Carlson, Just moved to third on a ground out by Gordie Gronowski. On the mound, Adam Trent pitched eight strong innings, allowing just three hits and fanning 10. Patrick McGuigan (1-0) pitched up the win with a pair of shutout innings in relief. Torrington (5-7) has won four of its last six games after a 1-5 start. ... It was a splendid debut for Trent and for the Twisters, who have been short on pitching depth most of the season.

Game 11: Newport 3, Twisters 2
TORRINGTON, June 21 – Gulls starter Bill Muldowney scattered six hits and fanned seven as Newport (9-5) outlasted Torrington by a 3-2 margin at Fuessenich Park. He allowed a monster two-run homer to Torrington’s Gerard Haran over the left field foul pole in the fifth inning but little else. "He changed speeds well and worked ahead in the count all night. We hit some of his mistakes hard, but they did not go out of the yard," Twister manager Gregg Hunt told The Register Citizen. Newport had just four hits but it was enough. Haran, Jordy Snyder and Andres Perez all had three hits for the Twisters (4-7).

Down 2-1 in the sixth, Newport’s Jeff Miller was hit by Twister starter Patrick Kantakevich. Miller moved to third on a ground out and scored on a RBI single from Kyle Hankerd to left field. Scott Brown’s RBI double put the Gulls up by one, 3-2. The Gulls allowed just one Torrington runner over the final four innings.

Game 8: Danbury rallies for victory
DANBURY, June 18 – Jose Ortiz and Randy Re each hit home runs in the bottom of the eighth inning as Danbury erased a one-run lead with a seven-run outburst in a 10-4 win over the Twisters Saturday night at Rogers Park. The Twisters (2-6) scored three times in the top of the eighth to take a 4-3 lead, sparked by a Gordie Gronkowski home run. Starter Cory Riordan pitched well for Torrington, fanning eight and walking just one in six innings of work. ... OF Apana Nakayama tore the ACL in his left knee during the game and will be lost for the season.

Twisters lose two to draft
TORRINGTON, June 13 – The Twisters lost two of their best players to the major league draft. Second baseman Corey Wimberly (Alcorn St.) and left-handed pitcher James Morris (Illinois) have decided to sign with the teams that drafted them. Wimberly, who had three hits and three stolen bases in two games, signed with Colorado, who drafted him in the sixth round. He hit .462 and had 42 stolen bases this spring. Morris signed with the Reds.

Game 5: Steeple Cats 4, Twisters 3
NORTH ADAMS, June 13 – The Twisters couldn’t erase a four-run lead and dropped to 1-4. Starter Travis Martin allowed five hits and struck out six but he also walked six. North Adams (2-3) led 4-0 after two innings before Martin settled down. The Cats had three runs and four hits in the second inning. Third baseman Bobby Carlson was 3-for-4 with an RBI while SS Jordy Snyder was 2-for-4.

Game 4: Twisters 8, Danbury 2
TORRINGTON, June 12 – The Twisters began a stretch of 17 games in 17 days by earning its first victory of the season by beating the Westerners at Fuessenich Park. Bobby Carlson and Patrick Bordieri each had home runs for the Twisters (1-3). John Mollicone was 2-for-3 with an RBI for Danbury (2-2). Joe Kantaevich (1-0) earned the win for Torrington on the mound.

Game 3: Manchester 5, Twisters 2
TORRINGTON, June 11 - Near-perfect offense, defense and pitching came together to boost Manchester before 1,214 at Fuessenich Park in the home opener for the winless Twisters (0-3). Manchester (2-2) pounded out eight hits - including two doubles and a triples - played flawless defense that featured three double plays. The top four hitters in the Silkworm lineup combined for all eight of the team's hits and drove in seven. No. 2 hitter Keith Connors had a double, triple, two singles and also reached on an error.

Game 2: Danbury 6, Twisters 4
DANBURY, June 10 – Danbury hit three home runs as they outlasted the Twisters before 288 at Rogers Park. "I've been working with a couple of the hitters, trying to change some different approaches and I got a lot of positive results tonight," first-year Danbury manager Rusty Goslin told the Danbury News Times. "We're still trying to get used to the wood bats, but I think it's coming along well. We're starting to relax a little bit right now." Danbury CF Randy Re and C John Mollicone each hit a two-run home run, while RF John Cohen hit a solo homer. Steffan Wilson had a double for the Twisters (0-2) while Gerard Haran was 3-for-3 with a home run. Michael Just was 2-for-5 for the second day in a row while Corey WImberly was 1-for-4 with a stolen base.

Game 1: Pittsfield 11, Twisters 9
PITTSFIELD, June 9 – In front of a franchise record crowd of 2,058 fans at historic Wahcohah Park, the Dukes outlasted the Twisters on opening day. Greg Tapley, who played for the Twisters a year ago, earned the win in relief. "It felt good to get a good W under our belt. It was a good comeback," Tapley told the Berkshire Eagle. Former Twister Matt Torra was scheduled to start for Pittsfield but declined after being selected 31st overall by Arizona in the first round of the major league draft a day earlier. 

The Twisters led 8-3 in the top of the sixth but the bullpen faltered, allowing seven runs in the next three innings. C Gerard Haran was 3-for-4 with a double and two RBI while Michael Just had two singles and 2 RBI. Corey Wimberly was 2-for-5 with 2 stolen bases. For the record, the game's first pitch was at 6:58 p.m., and it was a ball to Torrington's Corey Wimberley. The first hit in Pittsfield Dukes history was a leadoff single by Phil Butch in the first inning.